Sex in Midlife

The columnist Stanley Watson in the Picayune Item blog says: “The voltage is low” but the love life of many older couples would do credit to a couple at any age.

According to the MacArthur Foundation studies, sexual activity does tend to decrease as we age but the differences between couples is understandable if we take into account different social patterns, health and personal life events. Chronological age is not a major factor and “In men the decline of testosterone with age is highly variable and linked only loosely with sexual performance.”

In the United States there is a decline in sexual interest and ability in middle age but there are several causes besides age. Chronic diseases and medications, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension are  hindrances to sexual function, especially for men. For older women the greatest obstacle to an active sex life is the lack of an appropriate partner.”

As he notes, what is really the issue is the mismatch between a woman’s desire for “romance” and a man’s desire for “sex.” A number of women who study female sexuality note that the way we measure sexual satisfaction is too narrow, depending only on a traditionally male definition.





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