The Book Store’s Last Stand?

Is Barnes & Noble, as the New York Times says,  the only thing “standing between traditional publishers and oblivion”? Given our family affinity for Strand Books, I have a vested interest in saying no. Even so, remember when B&N was the corporate bad guy? Publishers can still make money by selling e-books. What can’t are independent book stores.

Read Julie Bosman’s story in The New York Times:

“No one expects Barnes & Noble to disappear overnight. The worry is that it might slowly wither as more readers embrace e-books. What if all those store shelves vanished, and Barnes & Noble became little more than a cafe and a digital connection point? Such fears came to the fore in early January, when the company projected that it would lose even more money this year than Wall Street had expected. Its share price promptly tumbled 17 percent that day.”

2 responses to “The Book Store’s Last Stand?

  1. This just depresses me. I have one of the best independent bookstores near my house and if it goes under…I don’t know what I’ll do. It makes me angry with Amazon because they sell these books dirt cheap and no one goes to pay the 15 for a paperback from their local shop.

  2. Traditonal Publishing my disappear, but the physical books and small publishers will still be around. If all Barnes and Nobles close, I’ll have to go on a bargain hunting road trip.

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