Blame biology, not willpower for being overweight…new HBO series and book

My dear friend, John Hoffman, a vice president at HBO documentary films, has written an interesting piece in the Huffington Post about the obesity epidemic in the country, which is tied to an upcoming series on HBO, The Weight of the Nation, and a book:

“Like many Americans, I used to think that overweight people simply needed to eat less and move more. I thought that would solve their problem and our national obesity epidemic. However, I’ve come to understand that we have less control over our waistlines than we think. In fact, many of the choices we make are influenced by forces we have not fully understood until now.

For anyone who’s trying their best to eat less and move more, we now have scientific proof that enemy #1 is their own biology. Our bodies have been shaped by society, evolutionary biology, technology, economics and the invisible forces all around us that compel us to eat more and move less”

Read the whole piece here.


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