Should you allow yourself to get old?

Kathryn Betts Adams writes in Psychology Today:

A cartoon in a recent issue of The New Yorker shows two women in exercise clothes walking side by side. One says to the other, “I’m thinking of letting myself get old.” As a gerontologist and a woman in my 50’s, the cartoon strikes close to home. It makes me laugh and it makes me think. Are we really in a position to control our own aging? Are we at the point where aging is a choice? The cartoon is funny partly because it is so audacious that some middle-aged women with enough money, time and determination actually believe that it’s possible to prevent their own aging. But it’s also funny because so many age-concealing, “age-defying” options are now open to those with sufficient money and time that we might feel apologetic about looking, feeling, or even just being, “old.”


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