More insidious than bombs: Muslim Brotherhood’s view of women

For those hoping for a kinder, gentler Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt, Mona Al-Naggar’s story in today’s Times offers a zap of reality.

“A woman…takes pleasure in being a follower and finds ease in obeying a husband who loves her,” counsels a Botany professor and member of the Muslim Brotherhood at a premarital counseling class….

“What was striking, though, was the absence of any reaction. None of the 30 people in the class so much as winced.”

Let’s not forget that many — though not all — Christian evangelicals and people on the right adhere to similar views that God planned for men to take the lead and for women to follow and fulfill a destined role as mothers and domestic caretakers.

Read the whole story here.


3 responses to “More insidious than bombs: Muslim Brotherhood’s view of women


    • The United States has to engage with Egypt just as it has always has to deal with other odious regimes through history. Otherwise we lose any possible leverage we might have in reforming those regimes and possibly abdicate our responsibility altogether, which in the long run could have worse effects. The U.S. policy of refusing to deal with Castro in Cuba is one example of such short-sightedness. The issue is always in what way is it done. Unfortunately, often the choices are between bad and worse. Supporting democracy in Middle Eastern countries unfortunately can lead to putting people like the Muslim Brotherhood in power. Sometimes the alternative may be a repressive dictatorship.
      As for Israel, putting pressure on Israel to the government to limit settlements in the West Bank and negotiate a peaceful settlement with the vast majority of Palestinians who also want a peaceful settlement is good policy in my view — though I understand this is a very emotional issue.

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