The myth of the “decline of men” thesis. A catchy argument that is wrong

         The family historian Stephanie Coontz brings some much-needed factual evidence to the popular spate of books like Hanna Rosin’s and articles arguing that men are being outshined by women. The increase numbers of women in college and some graduate schools is great news, but the dominance of men in positions of power and paid salaries continues.

As Coontz asks in an article in The New York Times’ Sunday Review, if women are eclipsing men so much,:

“How is it, then, that men still control the most important industries, especially technology, occupy most of the positions on the lists of the richest Americans, and continue to make more money than women who have similar skills and education? And why do women make up only 17 percent of Congress?

Among never-married, childless 22- to 30-year-old metropolitan-area workers with the same educational credentials, males out-earn females in every category, according to a reanalysis of census data to be presented next month at Boston University by Philip Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland. Similarly, a 2010 Catalyst survey found that female M.B.A.’s were paid an average of $4,600 less than men in starting salaries and continue to be outpaced by men in rank and salary growth throughout their careers, even if they remain childless…..”

Read the whole article here.


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