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Michael Douglas Joins the FBI’s Crackdown on Wall St.

When life imitates art….as the New York Times reports:

       “Michael Douglas, who played the financier in the 1987 movie and the sequel, is now starring in a straight-to-television videofor the Federal Bureau of Investigation meant to root out insider trading — the same crime that brought down the high-flying Mr. Gekko.
      A one-minute spot that points out that illicit trading is, in fact, illegal might not seem a priority. But the new video — now showing on CNBC and Bloomberg Television — is part of the government’s broader initiative aimed at drawing cooperating witnesses and tipsters from Wall Street.”
     …”as David A. Chaves, a supervisor and special agent, said on Monday, “It’s important for us to have the F.B.I. brand out on Wall Street.”

What does he mean by having the “FBI brand out on Wall Street”?