Patricia Cohen is a reporter at the New York Times, a graduate of Cornell University, and Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Relations. She has appeared on ABC World News Tonight; numerous NPR shows including Marketplace, Weekend Edition, Marty Moss-Coane, and Brian Lehrer; Imus in the Morning and more. Engaging and amusing, Cohen regularly moderates Times Talks, and has frequently spoken on college campuses, in libraries and before organizations.

She is represented by Scribner and Andrew Wiley.

To book a lecture or speaking engagement, please contact Katie Monaghan at katherine.monaghan@simonandschuster.com or 212-632-4950


Skillfully combining rich archival research with fresh reporting on the movie, advertising and health industries, In Our Prime presents a surprising and provocative investigation into middle age. Cohen is the first author to write a popular history of this vital but misunderstood stage of development. Fitting the story of middle age into the story of America’s emergence in the modern world, the book brings to life the filmmakers, admen, scientists and hucksters who have shaped our understanding and experience of the middle years.  In Our Prime is both an ideas book and a fascinating narrative.

Potential Lecture Topics:

The Science of the Middle Age Brain: What the latest research has revealed about the inner workings of the brain and how to keep it top mental shape.

Finding Happiness: Researchers have developed an extensive questionnaire to study what are the essential ingredients of a happy life. Their surveys were designed to look for more that the fleeting pleasure of a few beers, but rather the kind of profound satisfaction and meaning one derives from raising children, training for a sports tournament, completing a college degree, or helping our neighbors rebuild after a disaster. What did they find?

The Invention of Middle Age: Only in the last 150 years has midlife been considered a unique stage of development with unique characteristics. The fascinating history of this stage of life.

The Middle Aged Body: What precisely happens to the human body as we age; how to distinguish between anti-aging fact and fiction.

How to Stay Healthier Longer: Middle age is a critical time for preventing the physical decline traditionally associated with midlife. What can you do tos that creep up with advancing years. For instance, those who are active in midlife  have a 30 percent lower risk of developing moderate or severe functional limitations compared with those who are inactive. The trick to staying healthy in old age begins in middle age.

The Midlife Industrial Complex:  How advertisements, TV and movies shape our conception of middle age — whether as tired and defeated or Stepford perfect.

Myth Busting: The midlife crisis, the empty nest syndrome, male menopause are among the many myths that people assume are true, but are not. How and why do these myths continue to retain their power?

Hollywood and Middle Age: How midlife has been treated in the movies and television.


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